What: The Brass Junkies Euphonium Workshop features clinics with four of the best euphonium players in the world hosted by The Brass Junkies, Andrew Hitz & Lance LaDuke. In addition to three euphonium clinics you also get to play along with a warm-up class and learn all about developing a successful approach to practicing with a special "Music Practice Coach" clinic with Lance. The workshop is open to all ages but recommended for high school and above.

Learn about every aspect of euphonium playing: improving the high register, establishing a practice routine, warming-up, auditioning, dealing with performance anxiety, breathing exercises and more!

When: LIVE OCTOBER 24th. Purchase the workshop and watch it as many times as you'd like through January 1st.

Who: Our faculty are some of the most accomplished euphonium players in the world. We came up with our dream team and they all said yes which has us a little excited! Scroll down for more information about our euphonium faculty!

The entire workshop will be available on demand through January 1st.

Euphonium Artists

12:00 Warm-Up Class with Gail Robertson

Gail Robertson is a member of the Pinnacle Brass and is a regular clinician of both jazz and classical all over the world. She was also a member of the world famous Tubafours at Walt Disney World and has performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra's Blossom Festival Band. She teaches at the University of Central Arkansas.

1:30 Euphonium Clinic #1 with Demondrae Thurman

Demondrae Thurman is a member of the Brass Band of Battle Creek and the Sotto Voce Quartet. He has also appeared with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony and North Carolina Symphony. He teaches at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.

3:00 Euphonium Clinic #2 with David Thornton

David Thornton is an internationally celebrated soloist who is currently Solo Euphonium for the renowned Foden's Band in Cheshire, England. When he's not touring the world he teaches at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, England.

4:30 Euphonium Clinic #3 with Brian Bowman

Brian Bowman is a euphonium playing and teaching legend. In addition to appearing as a soloist all over the world, he is a former member of the United States Navy Band, United States Air Force Band and the River City Brass Band. He is also Professor Emeritus at the University of North Texas.

7:30 Music Practice Coach Clinic with Lance LaDuke

Lance LaDuke teaches euphonium at Carnegie Mellon University and is the author of Music Practice Coach. He is formerly a member of Boston Brass, the United States Air Force Band and the River City Brass Band.


  • 12:00 Warm-Up Class with Gail Robertson
  • 1:30 Euphonium Clinic #1 with Demondrae Thurman
  • 3:00 Euphonium Clinic #2 with David Thornton
  • 4:30 Euphonium Clinic #3 with Brian Bowman
  • 7:30 Music Practice Coach with Lance LaDuke

Warm-Up Class: Participate in a group warm-up led by Gail Robertson.

Euphonium Clinics: Demondrae Thurman, David Thornton and Brian Bowman discussing all aspects of euphonium playing.

Music Practice Coach: Lance LaDuke discussing in-depth practicing strategies that he laid out in his book, Music Practice Coach. You will leave this session with all of the tools needed to take your practicing to the next level!

The entire workshop will be available to stream until January 1st. You can watch any of it as many times as you’d like.

Have more questions? Find out more by visiting our FAQ page. 

Your Hosts

Andrew Hitz and Lance LaDuke

Andrew Hitz is the former tuba player for Boston Brass. During his 14 years with the group he performed and taught in over 30 countries and 40 states. He has also performed with the National Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Kennedy Center Honors Orchestra.

Lance LaDuke is the former euphonium player for Boston Brass as well as for the United States Air Force Band and the River City Brass Band. He has also appeared with the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Lance teaches at Carnegie Mellon University.