Media Makers Workshop - Bundle

Get all 4 workshops: Arranging, Audio Recording & Editing, Video Production, and Streaming for a low discounted rate!

Media Makers Workshop

Join musical social media icons Abby Lannan (The GoofyEuph) and Scott Sutherland as they take you through the process of creating professional level quality multitrack videos. We tackle the entire process from creating beautiful, clean arrangements, learning the intricacies of editing audio and video files, to sharing and streaming your content for the world to see!

The Media Makers Workshop is a series of 4 courses where you will learn:

  • How to efficiently utilize free, open-source, editing software to create high quality content.
  • What common beginner mistakes to avoid.
  • How to create a beautiful, streamlined stream setup to use on Twitch so you can share your knowledge, content, and personality. 

Each course includes:

  • 60-90 minute video instruction from Abby and Scott
  • Supplemental videos and tutorials for specific applications
  • Links to Download the FREE Software that we will be using for this course
  • Community Access - Facebook group 
  • PDF Booklet Featuring Tech Tips and Tricks from all of the courses
  • Long-term Access to the Content and Updates

Each of the 4 courses in the workshop is available individually for $19 each (see below) or as a BUNDLE. 

Get the BUNDLE of all 4 courses for only $49! (A savings of $27)


What makes a good arrangement interesting, enjoyable and playable? This is the main question we tackle in the Arranging Workshop. We cover topics such as texture, voicings, countermelodies, melodic clarity, idiomatic writing and low interval limits so your musical ideas shine. We also cover the basics to Musescore, a free notation software and provide all examples using that program. Avoid the most common writing errors and create the music YOU want to play. Click here to find out more about the arranging course.


Audio Recording and Editing

It IS possible to get GREAT recordings from inexpensive gear. This step-by-step workshop shows you how to record and edit your audio the way the pros do it, while saving $1,000’s of dollars on recording equipment and software. All examples and tutorials utilize the powerful free digital audio workstation, Audacity. Learn your way around click tracks, punch tracks, editing and mastering to present your finest possible sound. Click here to find out more about the audio recording and editing course.

Day 3: Video Production
Video is KEY to connecting with your audience, but starting out can be intimidating. In this course we dive into the incredible free video production software, DaVinici Resolve, which has been used on countless major motion pictures. Get that professional look without the professional price tag. Additionally, you will find out the easy steps to leveling-up your lighting, composition and story-telling, while making the most from simple gear, so your music comes to LIFE! Click here to find out more about the video production course.

Day 4: Streaming

Learn how to set up a live stream to allow you to screen share, record, and create while entertaining your audience. From Discord to Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, live streaming is the hottest way to find, grow and connect with fans. Discover the secrets to getting a professional look with easy access to everything you need for seamless streaming! Click here to find out more about the streaming course.

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Your Instructors

A life-long resident of Southern California, Scott Sutherland has been hailed as “the second craziest tuba player I know” by famed American composer, Joan Tower. He is a member of the Redlands Symphony, Riverside Philharmonic and has been spotted in the back row of the Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, and San Diego Symphony. He has also recorded for film, television and video game soundtracks, including the major motion pictures Pearl Harbor and Batman vs. Superman (which are the only accomplishments notable to his younger private students).

He began a popular YouTube Channel in 2016 which includes multitrack videos of film, television and video game music, featuring Scott playing euphonium, tuba, cimbasso, piano and percussion. In its first year, the channel was viewed over 500,000 times.

Abby Lannan is a performer, artist, and educator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through her online persona GoofyEuph, Abigail seeks to bring positivity, kindness, and mental health awareness to a musical audience and hopes to inspire musicians young and old to find love and enjoyment in music at any level.

In addition to the River City Brass Band, Abigail plays Euphonium with the Brass Roots. Abigail won the 2019 Carnegie Mellon University Concerto Competition and performed the Diamond Concerto with the CMU Wind Ensemble. She was a featured soloist with the Mercer Community Band in 2019. She has performed world premieres of compositions with the Florida State Tuba Quartet and the Florida State Wind Orchestra. She was a finalist at the 2016 IET Solo Artist Competition in Atlanta, Georgia.