Audio Recording and Editing

It IS possible to get GREAT recordings from inexpensive gear. This step-by-step workshop shows you how to record and edit your audio the way the pros do it, while saving $1,000’s of dollars on recording equipment and software. All examples and tutorials utilize the powerful free digital audio workstation, Audacity. Learn your way around click tracks, punch tracks, editing and mastering to present your finest possible sound.

Course Includes:

Pre-recorded video instruction from our amazing faculty including how to record and edit audio in the FREE software Audacity - step by step

  • Learn how to use Audacity

  • The basics of recording

  • What equipment to buy vs not buy

  • How to multitrack with punch tracks

  • Clean up your audio recording

  • How to avoid common mistakes

PDF’s to cover what we talked about in the live training and go more in depth

Long term access to the content and updates

Media Makers Workshop Bundle

Get all 4 workshops: Arranging, Audio Recording & Editing, Video Production, and Streaming for a low discounted rate!