What makes a good arrangement interesting, enjoyable and playable? This is the main question we tackle in the Arranging Workshop. We cover topics such as texture, voicings, countermelodies, melodic clarity, idiomatic writing and low interval limits so your musical ideas shine. We also cover the basics to Musescore, a free notation software and provide all examples using that program. Avoid the most common writing errors and create the music YOU want to play.

Course Includes:

Pre-recorded video instruction from our amazing faculty including how to arrange using the FREE software Musescore - step by step

  • Writing idiomatically

  • Textures, intervals, voicings

  • What makes a good arrangement vs a not great arrangement?

  • Avoiding common mistakes

PDF’s to cover what we talked about in the live training session and go more in depth.

Long term access to the content and updates

Media Makers Workshop Bundle

Get all 4 workshops: Arranging, Audio Recording & Editing, Video Production, and Streaming for a low discounted rate!