Video Production

Video is KEY to connecting with your audience, but starting out can be intimidating. In this course we dive into the incredible free video production software, DaVinici Resolve, which has been used on countless major motion pictures. Get that professional look without the professional price tag. Additionally, you will find out the easy steps to leveling-up your lighting, composition and story-telling, while making the most from simple gear, so your music comes to LIFE!

Course Includes:

Pre-recorded video instruction from our amazing faculty including how to record and edit video using the FREE software Davinci Resolve - step by step

  • Learn how to set up your shot
  • Lighting
  • Framing
  • What equipment to buy vs not buy
  • How to avoid common errors when recording video
  • How to sync up your pre-recorded audio and video

PDF’s to cover what we talked about in the live training and go more in depth

Media Makers Workshop Bundle

Get all 4 workshops: Arranging, Audio Recording & Editing, Video Production, and Streaming for a low discounted rate!